Pack Walk Romps- off leash

We believe that like anyone, dogs are happiest and healthiest when they have a balanced life. In addition to food, water and sleep a balanced life should include regular exercise, socialization and mental stimulation. During a Pack Walk Romp your dog will be able to explore the great outdoors with their friends off-leash under the careful supervision of Casey and Dylan.

After an hour and a half running through fields and woods with his pals your dog is guaranteed to be tired and content. We have had many owners say they notice their dogs exhibiting better social skills after joining our pack. The ride on the bus while picking up and dropping off their adventure buddies also serves as a safe and lower-stimulation opportunity to get out of the house and relieve boredom. 

Dogs must have reliable recall and be trusted around other people and animals. 

Duration from pick up to drop off: 2 to 3 hours

Five walk punch card - $150

Ten walk punch card - $250

Although we do have a few dogs that join us daily, The Bark Bus adventures are intended to be a supplemental treat. We recommend signing your dog up for one or two days a week in order to get the most out of our service.