So Much More Than A Walk

What We Do

As a Bark Bus Dog your pup will most likely know the sound of our bus entering your neighborhood and will run to the nearest window, tail wagging. Time to board the bus! Your dog will greet the other Bark Bus Dogs and find his or her designated seat where a pack leader will secure them safely in their Kurgo Tru-fit Smart Harness and tether. Adventure time! The Bark Bus will pick up a few more furry friends, and then embark on an hour and a half long adventure on 60 acres in Windham, Maine. Your dog will be able to play, romp, sniff, and swim under our careful supervision.  

Bus Safety

We chose a bus to transport our clients because it provides dogs with ample personal space and allows us to secure them safely with car-restraint harnesses made by Kurgo, a leader in canine safety. You won't find dogs tethered by their collars or stepping on each other in the Bark Bus! We believe our mode of transportation is low-stress for the dogs as well as being safer and less distracting for us, the drivers. 


Benefits of Adventure

Even for health-conscious people it can be a struggle to keep Fido fit.  A simple walk around the neighborhood is insufficient for many of our canine friends. If your dog is chewing excessively, barking when you aren't home, or displaying anxious behavior he probably needs more vigorous exercise.  As a Bark Bus Dog, your pup will be much calmer and relaxed when you get home so that you can be too!



For our off-leash service we ask that owners are 100% confident with their dog's response to recall.  We use treats and squeaky toys to condition the pups to come to us when we ask. With adventure comes risk and we need your dog to be responsive in case the pack encounters wildlife or other people during our romps. 

All dogs must be up to date on shots and flea and tick treatments, and be spayed or neutered. Because this is a social program we cannot take aggressive, reactive, or possessive dogs. 

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 Licensed, insured, and bonded.